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  • Where do you source your treasures?
    Ryan + Meg travel all over the east coast carefully curating unique treasures from markets, fleas, shops, estates, barns & more. Every treasure we sell, rent, or curate is vintage, secondhand or made from upcycled material. We believe in rescuing the treasures to combat our overflowing landfills and the mass production of under-quality goods!
  • How do you calculate shipping?
    We utilize our local US Post Office in Downtown Florence, NJ. We weigh each item and share the estimated cost based on the USPS website. We factor in any handling + packaging fees in the total cost. We utilize recyclable materials as much as possible.
  • Where can we see your treasures in person?
    pop-ups are announced via our social media channels, website + email chain. subscribe at the bottom of our website so you don't miss any of our events!
  • Do you personal shop for clients? What projects have you worked on?
    YES! We love to do the shopping & curating for you! projects include: personal home decor, dinner parties, bachelorettes, showers + weddings, staging air b&b's as well as commercial and residential properties.
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