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get to know lucid ladybug.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

fun facts about meghan, nyc's up + coming vintage curator + stylist | by meghan 10/08/22

lucid ladybug started in 2020 as a way to channel creative energy, inspire human connection & promote positive change through vintage styling + fashion.

We style exclusively w. vintage, thrifted, or upcycled treasures - incorporating local small businesses too.

Our logo is a tattoo my sister (@knottylizard ) + I both have - we believe ladybugs are a divine sign or reminder from God.

I spent my 20s living in NYC + traveling to cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore + Seoul with my Broadway theatre career.

What keeps me grounded in gratitude: writing daily, meditation, yoga, breath work, walks w. asher, baking, bubble baths, books, gardening, dancing + quality time w. loved ones.

I do my own manicures at home -a gel lamp makes it easy peasy.

I love coffee + tea equally. But both better be strong!

My favorite ice cream flavor is bubble gum.

concept, design + styling: @lucid.ladybug

vintage white jumpsuit: @mojave.reclaimed

assistant: @knottylizard

location: childhood home in nj

Be well, Meghan

photography: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.

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Heidi Hayes
Heidi Hayes
08 oct 2022

What a great post! Now you have me thinking about fun facts about myself. I also meditate daily. Or at least try to. I'm traveling right now and find meditative moments in my travels, which replace my daily practice.

Me gusta
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