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history + wine.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Hello party peeps.

As the temperatures shift + we dream of spring, Ry & I have begun planning and researching our upcoming treasure hunts. We are giddy with gratitude to have so many unique + expansive projects and events coming up this year. We have a lot to curate and we take our treasure hunts very seriously.

Okay-- not THAT serious! We typically pair our treasure hunts with food + wine.. naturally. When we travel to a new town, city, country, etc. the first thing we scope out is the local cuisine, wine + of course the antique/vintage scene.

A few weeks ago after a quick treasure hunt in SJ, Ry + I had the pleasure of sipping through Amalthea Cellars v-day day wine trail.

Tucked in Blue Anchor, NJ is one of the best kept gems. If you dig history + wine you have to take the trip.

The vineyard, located off of route 73 was purchased in 1972, planted in 1976 + opened to the public in 1981. Named after a moon of Jupiter, Amalthea Cellars is tucked + quiet with various tasting rooms, a delightful selection of wine + outdoor seating & firepits.

The wine trail led us through several unique spaces on their property-- a 100 year old horse carriage room, a crushing room, candlelit barrel cellar and their Green Dragon Tavern!

Fun fact-- the carriage room was once a carriage stop between Atlantic City + Philly. There are still oyster shells visible on the property.

Founder + Owner, Louis Caracciolo's love of wine began as a child-- learning the art of winemaking in his Grandfather's cellar.

His Grandfather, Emilio brought the art form over from Italy at the turn of the century. Louis studied Food + Science Technology at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY where he really began to perfect his own style of winemaking.

We sipped ~15 different wines while visiting Amalthea's wine trail-- tasting everything from Emilio's Red Table Wine to Stainless Steel Chardonnay, Sparkling Traminette to ‘Double Barrel’ Buffalo Trace Cabernet Franc, Leda Dry Rosé to their award winning Europa collection + more.

Our favorite part was a sneak sip of their upcoming batches of cabernet franc reserve, merlot + petit sirah.

If you're looking for a new place to sip + spark conversations with friends check out their tasting room + upcoming events: We hope to share more of what we love + where we are traveling with you all. As we expand our shop we expand our community + our mission to spark conscious conversations. Stay tuned this week as we launch a new aspect of our vintage shop! Encouraging you to focus on the magic that surrounds you each + every day.

xo, Meghan


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