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interview announcement: twenty regular.

Our recent interview by Bordentown, NJ-based journalist, @bykylenardine from @twentyregularnj | Meghan Kennedy 6/8/24

Twenty Regular article feature on lucid ladybug

Super honored to chat with Kyle Nardine, a local NJ journalist from Bordentown about my creative career and transition from Broadway to business owner for their latest publication,

Twenty Regular is on a mission to "showcase the voices who are growing our creative garden in the Garden State".

Twenty Regular website interview of lucid ladybug

"Needless to say, Kennedy spends a lot of her time treasure hunting for these events, and she’s a seasoned vet at this point and comes prepared.

“You have to have a good granny cart,” explains Kennedy. “I also go incognito and wear a baseball cap, and no jewelry.”

At the end of the trip Kennedy hopes that her granny cart is filled with glassware, and other treasures. Not only does glassware fill her cart, but glassware also fills the room with stories.

“A lot of people have passed down their Grandparent's China sets to me,” explains Kennedy. “They tell me the stories that are tied to them, and then I have been able to put them on my blog. Which is the coolest thing to be able to tell others about people’s family’s legacies and stories through repurposing glassware.”

If Kennedy’s own glassware could speak there would be tales of family meals together, coming back from performances overseas, and tales of starting anew."

lucid ladybug holding vintage pink wine glass

"One of Kennedy’s missions with Lucid Ladybug is to push back against the status quo of constantly purchasing new items. Pushing against the status quo is something that she learned from her late grandmother.

Kennedy’s grandmother went to art school in the 50’s and raised three children at the same time.

“She was so ahead of her time,” says Kennedy. “Her art was so funky and expressive, and she wore bright colors all the time. I admired that she went against the status quo and went to art school as an adult after she had kids.”

Kennedy looks to grow Lucid Ladybug in the future, but she still wants people to remember the main mission of her small business which is sustainability.

“I would like to continue to work in a way that inspires people to think differently about how they are spending their money,” says Kennedy." Continue reading the full feature on Twenty Regular here. Cheers, Meghan photos owned by @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved. #interview #sustainability #thrifting #stylist #nj #sj #vintage #vintagestyle #blog #blogger #creative



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