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leaf peepers.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Riding in the backseat, listening to spooky podcast tales + munching on fresh bagels from @rocklandbakery -- our fall road trip was truly epic. So grateful to Mallory for inviting me along.. I was a true passenger with no idea of the plan - just along for the ride.

leef peeper: a person who visits particular areas, especially in New England, to view the autumn foliage.

{rockland ny, sleepy hollow ny, stowe vt, eden vt, woodstock vt, salem ma, new haven ct}

Our first stop was Rockland, NY at the most incredible bakery I've honestly ever seen. Fresh hot bagels + every kind of loaf, baguette, cookie, crumble, donut, or pastry imaginable.

The fresh bread section was self-service -- put plastic gloves on and you are free to roam the back of the bakery. Selecting your carb of choice can be quite overwhelming as there are many racks, bins, and conveyor belts filled with hundreds of assorted bread. I felt like we were on an episode of "How It's Made".

A quick ride north and we found ourselves wandering the streets of Terrytown, NY for an oat milk latte at @coffeelabsroasters. We poked around Sleepy Hollow, NY, and the Headless Horseman Bridge before driving up to Stowe, VT. We caught the last ski lift ride of the season to see the magnificent fall foliage at @stowemt.

We pulled off on the side of the road in several spots to capture the perfect scenery - natural light peeking through the trees, reflecting off the lakes + streams.. bouncing from the ever-changing assortment of leaves.. beautiful memories.

Firepits, beers, and fish + chips at @idletymebrewing did not disappoint - I went with the 'pale n pink'... a delicious grapefruit beer that warmed me right up after a day of exploring!

We stayed on Lake Eden in a gorgeous new cabin equipped with hammocks, a hot tub, a fireplace, cozy beds, blankets + homemade beer. @karstenscabin was the perfect host --stocking the three floors with board games, vintage vinyl, books + plants. We baked cornbread and made chili. Sipped @kennedycellarsnj Bordeaux and made way too many pots of coffee. Beautiful scenery with even better conversation.

We spent half a day in town -- exploring the little main street in Stowe. I picked up some artwork, soap, and essential oils at @northwoodgallery. I couldn't leave Vermont without some local wine + cider sourced at the @stowepublichouse. Homemade dark chocolate from @laughingmoonvt made it into my tote bag too.

I was delighted to find a local vintage shop, @moonwake.stowe where I picked up a cozy sweater and some matches.

Our trek home started in Woodstock, VT where we were able to capture the sweetest farmhouse + preserved land before diving into an ethically sourced organic breakfast + coffee at @monvertcafevt. Woodstock made me feel like I was in a @hallmarkmovie! We loved the @vermontflannel shop too.

We stopped in Salem, Ma for a quick self-guided tour of the town. We peeped iconic spots from the @hocuspocusdisney movie, along with historical landmarks tied to the Salem Witch Trials. We had ice cream cones at @meltsalem and trekked on our way.

Our final stop was one to remember -- dinner in New Haven, CT at @septemberinbangkok. A perfect late-night top-rated stop, we split a delicious bottle of @ponzivineyards 2021 pinot gris which paired perfectly with our entrees. Truly the best pad thai I have had since being in Thailand... the only difference is they beheaded the prawns for me (thank god!).

Life is so grand and I want to be a leaf peeper every year! Jokes aside -- the beautiful fall colors and ever-changing temperatures remind me to be present in all seasons of life. Leading with a heart of gratitude always.

Be well, Meghan


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