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nyc at christmas w. mom

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

a quick trip into nyc w. mom to see all our favorite things | 12/05/22

Mom + I were able to sneak in a quick trip to NYC to see the Radio City Rockettes at the beginning of December.

It's tradition for us to spend time in NYC together at Christmas.

From trips to NYC throughout my childhood to hosting sleepovers as an adult at my apartment in Harlem or Hoboken - NYC at Christmas is magical to us.

We hopped on a bus into midtown and grabbed a delicious lunch at @mitrthainyc on 46th + 5th.

We snuck over to @saks to see the window displays before turning the corner for the famous Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Before getting in line to see @therockettes we popped into @magnoliabakery for our favorite vanilla with vanilla buttercream icing cupcakes (pink frosting, duh).

The icing reminds Mom of her Mother's homemade icing recipe which is the sweetest part of it all.

The show was truly magical - the overture made me cry and the dancers made me want to audition for theatre again.

What I love about NYC is that its buzzing energy is always there for me.. ready to welcome me back into its world of endless possibilities.

Cheers to traditions with my Mom; I am so lucky she is my best friend.

Be well, Meghan

outfit: vintage leather jacket w. fur trim by dan di modes, black tights, vintage knit dress + vintage christmas plaid crop blazer by maggy london, @theraspecs glasses {code: LADYBUG15}, vintage milano leather boots by diane b., east village hat

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