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eco-conscious, vintage bridesmaid proposals.

eco-conscious vintage bridesmaid proposals w. lucid ladybug vintage | by Meghan 03/30/23

The energy surrounding our big day is only complete with our loved ones by our side. The union of our families + the ties between friendships matter so much to us.

Building our relationship from high school all the way until today would not be possible without the support, love + encouragement of our inner circle. Our parents' love + dedication to one another, their faith, and their family is the foundation upon which we start our marriage.

Along with our family - our friends are truly incredible human beings. They inspire us on the daily to laugh more. To dream bigger. To stop + smell the roses. To eat all the good food. To do the over-the-top things. Take the flight. Drink that last drink. Dance to the music. Take the jump. The risk. To be our own unique selves. To live authentically.

To ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding I curated the following treasures for their non-traditional eco-conscious vintage bridesmaid proposal:

  • 1950s party invitations (found unopened in the original packaging)

  • wallet photo with a handwritten note

  • curated vintage handbags

  • custom handkerchiefs + sweatshirts embroidered by @sewchicbyjanette

  • matching custom cuff bracelets made from a set of antique iced tea spoons by @3bhhcollective

  • custom curated vintage barware including vintage tie clips, bottle openers, salt cellar spoons + hat pins

  • old school photos of us in a gold frame

I asked them each individually over the course of a month which allowed for a handful of intimate moments rather than one big event. I'd offer the same advice here as with dress shopping - keep it intimate, within your budget + don't compare your ideas to others or what the internet is telling you to consume.

Consciously planning ahead allowed time to source thoughtful, eco-conscious gifts for my friends that I felt confident they would use and love.

Cheers to lifelong friendships + all the love that surrounds us each day. My hope is that you too have a group of people who make you feel as special as we do.

Be well, Meghan

photography: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.


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