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our diy backyard organic garden.

ft. upcycled materials, homemade compost + vegetables started from seed packets in nj zone 6b | by Meghan Deeley August 13, 2023

I think the biggest lesson that I’ve learned from gardening is the constant need to prune and weed the crops. Without removing the dead branches and excess leaves from the plants, the fruit cannot prosper.

It takes daily tending and watering to ensure the fruit develops to its full potential.

What an amazing reminder for tending to our internal garden. Without active awareness of pruning the negativity away - pruning that which does not serve us - we cannot produce fruit.

Tending to my garden, physically, emotionally, and spiritually has allowed God’s purpose and plan for my life to unfold in a beautiful and organic way. God meets me in the garden. Meets me on the mat and in the kitchen. Here's what we've been working on:

our organic garden

lettuce, spinach, kale, swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, onions, cabbage, lemon grass, sweet potatoes, broccoli, nasturtiums, marigolds, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano, sage, parsley, dill, mint, lavender, cilantro, green beans, sunflowers, eggplant, cucumbers, citronella, roses, hydrangeas

ft. homemade organic compost: a year of churning banana peels, veggie scraps, egg shells + coffee grounds with backyard leaves, mulch, garden scraps, etc. to craft our own compost - topped with biodegradable cardboard boxes used as a chemical-free weed barrier at no extra cost! #upcycled

We started micro-gardening indoors when we lived in Weehawken + Titusville and fully expanded our garden when we planted roots in Florence. We watched a ton of youtube videos, read books, magazines, and consulted friends. Most of our garden started from .25 seed packets and all our beds were constructed with up-cycled materials (from nature, trash picked, given to us, etc.). I've learned a lot working at the Rancocas Creek Farm too.

Encouraging you to start small + work with what you got - it is so rewarding to tend to your garden + powerful to grow your own food and herbs.

Be well, Meghan

photography: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.


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