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wedding year.

save the date photos by laura briggs | kutztown, pa | 09/19/22 by meghan

It is finally here. Wedding year!

If you missed reading our conscious wedding planning post, click here.

In late September Ryan and I took a trip to Kutztown, Pa for a date with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Gail + our wedding photographer, Laura Briggs. Always their “special girl", I wanted to incorporate my Aunt + Uncle into our special year.

Uncle Charlie graciously chauffeured Ryan + I in his 1937 Chevy car for our photo shoot with Laura! Our save-the-date inspiration: teenage romance.

{Driving around in Ryan's Chevy Cavalier, listening to CDs...going out for ice cream at Creanies or Cold Cow. Running across the street for one more smooch before parting ways. A blessing to never have to part ways anymore.}

We parked on W. Main Street across from Pop"s Malt Shoppe to split a milkshake. Laura was so joyous + quick to capture each genuine moment of fun and connection. Cars honked. Onlookers cheered out "congrats".

Uncle Charlie + Aunt Gail were patiently on the sidelines, assisting with props + bts videos. It truly felt like we were in a movie.

We caught the sunset at a nearby farm Charlie + Gail scouted the evening prior. There were even cows mooing in the background! Not even an hour before these photos were taken the heavens were raining down. Can you believe it!

I sent my vision board + measurements to a few friends in the industry and voilà! The 1960s mini wedding dress by Contessa Bridals was curated by my friend, Kari at Karnet Creative. The headband veil combo, @xofettiparty. The pink bow, peep toe shoes + Ryan's bowtie were sourced from our local thrift shop. Jewelry from family + engagement ring by Sydney Rosen Company.

I think my favorite moment was Laura coaching us to “act like we're 16 years old“ but the reality was there was no acting necessary. Ryan really does make me feel like I am a preteen - giddy in love. We have to grow old but we do not have to grow up.

We dance in the kitchen and take photos to capture our story + love in the present moment because truly that's all that we have - is this moment. The now.

We shared these photos in print with family over the holidays + in our save the dates with close friends this new year. Special thank you to my Aunt + Uncle for playing along with our creative plan.

We are so blessed by our family's continued love and support. Their marriages + devotion inspire us.

Cheers, Meghan + Ryan

Photographer: @laurabriggsphoto

Creative Director: @lucid.ladybug

Engagement Ring: @sydneyrosencompany

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1 Comment

You are so stunning Meg! Here I am, looking at these pictures, AGAIN! I might be slightly obsessed with you two! Lol! Seriously though, you and Ryan are the CUTEST and I am beyond happy for you both. It's a real life fairytale love 💖

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