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consciousness over convenience.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

author: @lucid.ladybug | Meghan Deeley

photographer: @laurabriggsphoto

How we spend our time + money matters. You vote every time you swipe your credit card, hand over a twenty, tap for a purchase, sign up for a subscription, dine out, shop for a gift, toy or bottle of wine. Now more than ever it is important to harness your power and focus on what you can control - starting in your household and with your daily purchases.

Convenience dominates our culture, our lifestyles + our diets. We’re constantly seeking the quickest, easiest, best way to coast through life.

Convenience is a trap. Convenience does not cultivate long-lasting positive results for our bodies, our communities, families, or our planet. Taking time to slow down, breathe, and thoughtfully plan our shopping lists can positively impact our lives while simultaneously blessing others in our community. When we are conscious of our purchases we can plan for a more sustainable + locally sourced shopping experience.

What if we challenged ourselves to plan a little bit better? To hold ourselves a tiny bit more accountable? To actually use those notepads that we keep on the side of our refrigerator to cultivate a thoughtful shopping list: a conscious shopping list!

Conscious consuming: taking responsibility for our actions - starting with how we spend our energy, time + and tokens.

Supporting local farms, butchers + bakeries keeps your dollars within your community. Same with visiting your local flea market, co-op, produce stand, main street shop, winery, or consignment boutique. Cut the middleman out + shorten your personal supply chain. You're also helping protect and preserve historical buildings, farmland + parks, and community centers.

Our mission to rescue vintage treasures allows us to elevate spaces, events + experiences with the planet in mind.

Upcycling art, glassware, furniture, clothing, etc. helps reduce one's carbon footprint. Before you head to the store this week or check out online - pause and ask yourself:

  1. Can I source this item locally or secondhand?

  2. Is there a small business that makes/creates/designs/sources this item instead?

Encouraging you to use your dollar to support a farmer, a neighbor, or a friend. Community over convenience. Consciousness over convenience. Convenience is a trap.

Lots of love, Meghan


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