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creative director for nyc photoshoot.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

a title that blossomed in 2022 | photoshoot in nyc with @lucid.ladybug + @_sauvyb_ | 1/1/23 by Meghan Kenendy

2022 gifted expansive creative projects + connections. This year taught me how to truly take life one day at a time. It is out of the depths that we often find our peace.

Our piece of the peace. Stepping into my peace this year - releasing all control and expectation... allowed me to fall in love with the flow of life. The ever-bouncing ebb and flow. The release of control - the handing over to God - has allowed me to find joy in every single moment. Of every single day.

I am so grateful for the opportunities, friendships + collaborations that organically gravitated our way this year.

The end of November brought us into NYC for a branding photoshoot with Sherrill Flaum (@_sauvyb_) + @sherrillflaum) from Wine Enthusiast magazine (@wineenthusiast).

I am so grateful for Sherrill's friendship and for the collaborations + creative projects we've been lucky to work on together. Not to mention the fabulous events hosted by Wine Enthusiast in the city we've attended together.

Looking to expand our portfolios in a fun and glam way - we entrusted @kayellephotos to capture both our brands authentically.

Shoots start with a lucid ladybug vision board + grow into a desired shot, set, and wardrobe list. Every detail is accounted for - from location + timing to jewelry, wardrobe, hair, makeup, props + product.

We would not have survived the day without @myfavoritemallory as our assistant.

Fueled by oat lattes + Best Bagel (35th + 7th iykyk) we met @kayellephotos at the @peerspace, #KatrineMoitePhotoStudio in midtown Manhattan for a 2-hour session.

All our favorite jewelry, lipsticks, handbags, glassware + magazines adorned the coffee table + bar cart. The silver handbag is my Grandmother Grace's. The pink earrings I purchased at a fabric market in Seoul, South Korea (while on tour with the Broadway musical, Sister Act).

The film camera was a gift from @_edenphoto. The vintage ashtrays + lighters I've been collecting for years.

The iconic 80s designer vintage velvet “Climax” dress is Karen okada for David Howard - hand-picked by @mojave.reclaimed for me. Prosecco provided by @accademiausa.

Sherrill recently launched her Sauvy B Shop clothing line so we were able to highlight both our vintage barware with her fun line of tees, sweatshirts + swag.

Read more about the sauvy b launch here. The best part of the shoot was not just the bubbly.. but the conversations sparked + memories shared. Use code LUCIDLADYBUG at checkout for 10% off your Sauvy B purchase.

If you're looking for connection, collaboration, coaching or consulting in 2023, spark a conversation with us.

creative direction, styling + barware : @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.

sauvy b line + beverage curator: @_sauvyb_

photographer: @kayellephotos

location: midtown manhattan, @peerspace



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