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rose tinted relief.

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

brand partnership with TheraSpecs glasses | 11/28/22

We are so honored + grateful to share our brand partnership with @theraspecs - therapeutic blue light glasses for light sensitivity, migraine, and post-concussion relief.

{LADYBUG15 is our official promo code for $15 off your first pair of TheraSpecs at}

My world was flipped upside down last August after a bad concussion landed me in bed for months. Countless doctors, evaluations, tests + therapies. Extreme headaches, muscle tension, vertigo + complications with my vision.

The amount of “close work” required to participate in today’s society is difficult - when you’re sensitive to light + motion too it makes screen time completely inaccessible. I am so thankful my doctor recommended TheraSpecs. Wearing the FL-41 tinted TheraSpecs allows me to be present so my creativity can shine through — not my migraines.

TheraSpecs indoor + outdoor tints are helpful for everyone -- especially for those spending a lot of time on screens or fighting artificial lighting.

additional eye care tools:

  • weighted lavender eye pillow (asutra)

  • ice pack, jade roller + gua sha (in freezer)

  • daily meditation + yoga, walks with Asher

  • acupuncture (one earth) + saje oils

  • supplements (magnesium, ashwagandha, fish oil, probiotic)

  • lots + lots + lots + lots of rest

  • juicing (carrot, apple, lemon, kale)

  • eating whole, fresh, local, organic foods

  • less coffee, more tea + epsom salt baths

Encouraging you to take care of your body + consider your eye health.

Be well, Meghan

LADYBUG15 for $15 off your first pair | visit

photos, styling + content curation by @lucid.ladybug



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