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upcycling our wedding flowers into a homemade holiday wreath.

upcycling our modern vintage styled wedding flowers (@floraanddean) into a festive homemade holiday wreath | Meghan Kennedy 12/12/23

homemade holiday wreath using our wedding flowers

A homemade holiday wreath - a full circle moment of reflection on the love, joy, and energy we’ve received this past year celebrating our wedding.

When picking out our Christmas tree at @sandycreekfarms, the kind farmer let me take some clippings home for free. I also snagged the bottom chop of our tree to make a homemade ornament!

We like to keep our tree tags year to year to remember the love and traditions we carry from season to season in our home.

I got to work using floral wire and twine to craft a holiday wreath for our front door using the leftover tree clippings. 

I saved dried florals and greenery from our wedding (@floraanddean) to adorn the homemade wreath. Read more about our intentional wedding flowers + our upcycled petal toss and upcycling our wedding flowers into rose water here.

I got a little teary-eyed crafting and creating with the very flowers I held just one month ago at our wedding in Moorestown NJ (@communityhouseweddings).

There is something so beautiful about the energy flowers carry on your wedding day. Our flowers were extra special - coming from local farms and hand-crafted by Sal from @floraanddean.

What some see as trash - I can't help but treasure.

Treasuring nature. Treasuring crafting with my hands. Treasuring those little moments that spark joy. Treasuring the beauty that surrounds me each and every day. Treasuring the heartfelt memories from our most special day.

Every time we walk in and out of our home now we are reminded of the commitment and seal of love we made to each other on that day with all our family and friends as witnesses.

Cheers to that joyful spark, Meghan

photography + videography: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.


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