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wedding glow - my wedding beauty routine.

daily, monthly and quarterly rituals for a glowing mind, body + spirit as a november 2023 bride | 11/18/23 by Meghan Kennedy

It’s so important to solidify your skincare regimen prior to your wedding season.

My makeup artist (@monicacase) recommended sticking to my usual routine after our trial to ensure my skin stayed calm leading up to the busy bustle of the wedding.

I had my makeup trial on my 30th birthday - April 12. This was 7 months prior to the wedding. I highly recommend doing a trial for your hair and makeup and doing one early enough in the timeline in case you need to adjust vendors or expectations.

I am so grateful for the journey I've been on the past few years - reclaiming my body, rebalancing my hormones, and nourishing my mind, body, and soul with intentional recipes and products.

Wellness honored as a bride:

Clean, non-toxic beauty products

Non-toxic cleaning products, kitchen appliances

Organic, locally sourced diet focused on seasonal harvests

Traditional Chinese medicine (tcm) + cycle syncing

Daily meditation

Daily yoga/dancing + singing

Daily walks w. Asher

Weekly volunteering


Time dedicated to do nothing

Biweekly acupuncture

Massage therapy + foot reflexology

Epsom salt baths


Reading the bible + pre-marital studies

Minimal alcohol and unnecessary socialization

I felt so confident on my wedding day - with and without makeup on. Taking time to figure out what your skin and body needs is an investment... and everybody is different!

Beauty comes from the inside out. As much as I’d love to say one single product fixed it all - that’s simply not true.

In addition to consistency with my skincare, I was also consistent with my diet and lifestyle - honoring true well-being by dedicating time to self-care.

My Daily Skincare Rituals:

Homemade Rose Water

Elix tincture 2x daily the week leading up to the start of my cycle through end of flow

Homemade herbal teas from our garden

Saje Essential Oils (Peppermint Halo, Sleep Well)

Cycle Synced Diet + Workouts

I started using MĀSK cleanser and spotless balancing serum in preparation for my wedding along with my favorite Saje Calm-o-mile moisturizer and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Cream.

I've struggled with sensitive skin my whole life - battling redness, rosacea, and the occasional hormonal acne flair-ups. I was looking for a non-toxic, ethically sourced, and intentionally crafted skincare line to fit my holistic lifestyle and balance my skin. It is important to me that the products I use are easily accessible, are not overly priced/marketed, and score well on the Environmental Working Group website.

I was first introduced to MĀSK at their launch party in the West Village in 2020 - I instantly fell in love with the formula and the story behind the mission.

"Each MĀSK product is created by founder Sarah Mirsini with a focus on hand-picked natural and organic ingredients that are non-toxic, safe for all skin types, sustainable, and biodegradable. Revolutionary in their research and formulation, these cannabinoid-based skincare products are received and recognized by the body without compromising health. Today, MĀSK Skincare remains committed to supporting the journey to self-acceptance through the act of self-care."

One thing I’ve learned since using MĀSK skincare is to not be afraid to massage my face! Using the cleanser with acupressure points and techniques my skin is so soft and literally glowing.

Monthly Rituals:

2x week exfoliate w. konjac sponge

1-2x month full face MĀSK

2-3x month MĀSK eye patches

Massage or Foot reflexology (Footy Rooty, Cherry Hill, NJ) Quarterly Rituals:

Jojoba Oil Hair Mask

Hair Trim


Our Codes:

MĀSK: MEGHAN for 20% off your order

Elix: unique link here for 20% off your first order of Elix

Natural Cycles: unique link here for 20% off your subscription and a free thermometer

Theraspecs: LADYBUG15 for $15 off your first pair of Theraspecs glasses

Cheers, Meghan

photography: @laurabriggsphoto | all rights reserved.

groom: @chadmooretux

bride gown: @bridals_by_cyndi

bride veil: @handmegownsbridal

vintage accessories: @lucid.ladybug

makeup: @monicacase

hair: @oohlalabeautyllc

church: @trinitymoorestown

venue: @communityhouseweddings

florist: @floraanddean

floral repurposing: @forgetmeknotflowers

band: @slippery_band

caterer: @dueamici_nj

cake: @lmbakery

photographer: @laurabriggsphoto @talijoyphotography

videography: @kyleofthebeard

invitation suite: @lucid.ladybug


embroidery: @sewchicbyjanette

vintage coupe wall: @lucid.ladybug

vintage vespa mobile bar:

custom doggie bags: @mynamesmargo


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