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42 years of service.

Celebrating my Dad's retirement after 42 years of serving our U.S. Navy and Defense Programs | by Meghan Kennedy 12/26/23

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After 42 years of service, my Dad, Bill is retiring!

Deemed a true patriot and admired colleague by engineers and Captains alike - my Dad is a well-loved and respected leader through and through.

We had the pleasure of attending a work retirement party for Dad earlier this month. At max capacity with standing room only there were folks from all over the country gathered to celebrate, honor, and pay respect to my Dad's career and legacy working for the Navy and our National Defense Programs.

For as long as I can remember my Dad has always loved his job.

His responsibility to our family, our church, and our country has always been taken seriously. He enlisted in the Navy in 1981 - serving our country in uniform for six years. He still tells goofy stories from his time spent in the Navy - experiences that shaped his life, legacy, and career.

My Dad displays commitment and discipline over time which yields abundance.

Through strong leadership and selfless service, he was able to spend his career overseeing intense projects, large programs, and complex teams. He has always taught us to be disciplined and diligent.

The sacrifices my Dad made for our family and our country were never taken lightly. He deserves all the praise and recognition for his commitment to excellence.

We are so excited for our parents as they enter this next chapter - building their dream retirement home in Cape May Court House. The adventures they continue to plan inspire us all to travel and spend time exploring.

Cheers to 42 years of of dedication and sacrifice - we love you Dad - our patriot!

Love, Meghan

photos: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.

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Incredible! Thank you for your service, Bill! Congrats and enjoy your retirement. Cheers!

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