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vintage love letter invitation suite.

Our custom designed wedding invitation suite for our vintage wedding using Vintage Life Magazines and 100% recycled paper | Meghan Kennedy 2/28/24

vintage wedding invitation suite with Polaroid photos, custom matches, veil, flatlay shot

Ryan and I passed notes in high school so when it came time to design our wedding invitations I wanted them to truly reflect our love and legacy. Read about our custom save the dates here.

Our unique vintage style love letter invitation suite was designed, printed, cut, scored and sealed by us at home using recycled paper, envelopes and Vintage Life magazines.

The invitation was trifold style - opening up from the center like a love letter or formal announcement (think "Prince is Giving a Ball" Cinderella style). Guests received our enchanting invitations early last summer and RSVP'ed via mail by cutting off the bottom part of the invitation to return as a postcard.

Fun Fact: I used vintage party invitations from the 1950s to ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding! Read all about my eco-conscious, vintage bridesmaid proposals here.

vintage diy wedding flatlay and invitation suite with vintage treasures and custom invites

Here's how we did it:

  • Trifold love letter style invitation designed by Meghan on @canva, printed on 100% recycled paper at home using our @hp office jet printer

    • Invitation included date, time and location of ceremony, dress code and return post card at the bottom for guests to mail back with entree selections

  • Cut (paper cutter) and scored (scoreboard) by hand using the excess paper to print our insert cards

    • Insert cards included reception details, dress code and a QR code to our wedding website for hotel accommodations, shuttle/parking information, wedding registry and FAQ

  • Vintage JFK Life Magazines for belly bands around the invitation

  • Sealed with Gold Wax and stamped with our K Wax Seal Stamp

    • Pro tip: use a hot glue gun to melt the wax - this makes it super easy and less messy. In between envelopes rest the stamp on an ice pack as this helps keep the stamp from sticking to the envelope and ruining your perfect wax seal!)

  • 100% recycled luxury envelopes with addresses designed + printed at home

  • Floral postage from our local @usps for the envelopes and return postcards

There is so much unnecessary pressure to keep up with the trends when it comes to wedding planning and styling.

My advice is to stick to what you love. Stick to what is true to the two of you as a couple - and steer away from the societal pressure to outsource every aspect of your wedding. This project allowed me so much creative play and freedom and set the tone for our vintage style, black-tie wedding!

Much love, Meghan Kennedy

photography/videography: @lucid.ladybug | all rights reserved.


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